I'm very proud to have been given the opportunity to design Dave Hause's new album "Bury Me In Philly".

Dave's previous record, "Devour" was a very heavy, dark record with almost negative tones to it. It brought to light the realities of life when things start to go south, and threaten to slip out of control. 

"Bury me in Philly" is that spot in the movie where the star wakes up and he's washed ashore on the beach after the storm at sea, or rescued in the hospital after the plane wreck, or in his girls arms after the big fight. The point where everything is not lost, and things are starting to look brighter. 

This view of the album is what led me to using a circle of bright morning daylight breaking through the darkness over Philadelphia. Depicting night and day at the same time just seems to tell the story. That humble Philadelphia shot, the huge sky above the rooftops, is a call to joy, hope, and light.